Can Orchids Grow in Coconut husk
Can Orchids Grow in Coconut Husk

Can orchids grow in coconut husk ? Yes, this beautiful plant can grow in coconut husks. We can even call this planting medium one of the best choices you can use to cultivate orchids. Why?

Can Orchids Grow in Coconut Husk Characteristic

Can Orchids Grow in Coconut husk
Can Orchids Grow in Coconut Husk

Coconut husk has pores and non-air-tight characteristics. This characteristic matches the orchid’s root needs to grow. As you know, orchids need a planting medium with a good airflow. In its natural habitat, the orchid grows with its vine on the three stems.

Therefore, coconut husks provide a similar condition to the natural habitat of orchids in the jungle. Furthermore, coconut husk also doesn’t retain moisture for too long. That characteristic is another essential factor for orchids to grow. You must know that an orchid’s root rot because of the soggy planting medium.

Planting orchids in coconut husks allows you to create an aerated planting medium, plus an artistic and aesthetic appearance. It gives you a beautiful decoration for your garden or home. Furthermore, the coconut husk can last much longer than other planting mediums.

How to Use Coconut Husk as Orchid Planting Medium

Can Orchids Grow in Coconut Husk
Can Orchids Grow in Coconut Husk

Can orchids grow in coconut husk without any man’s involvement? Unfortunately, coconut husk needs proper preparation before you use it to plant the orchid. Otherwise, your orchid won’t grow healthy like what you want. Below, we have several steps for planting and growing orchids using coconut husk:

·         Before using coconut husk to plant orchids, you must rinse it clean a day before that. It is necessary because coconut husk may have a salt residue within it. That substance can cause damage to the root. Therefore, make sure you rinse it thoroughly to remove this substance.

·         Then, sanitize the tools you are going to use to plant orchids. Use ½ cup of bleach and mix it with a gallon of water. Use the mixture to wash the surface of all tools and items. Let them dry before you use them for repotting.

·         As for coconut husk, we recommend using the coconut husk chips for easy usage. Mix 2 parts of coconut husk chips, 1 part of charcoal, and 1 part of perlite into an orchid pot. Soak this mixture and let it stay overnight to absorb water.

·         Next, you can start planting the orchid by removing it from the container you got when you bought it. Check the roots thoroughly and cut any dead roots off when you find them. Before putting on the coconut husk mixture, rinse the root with room temperature water. Then, place the orchid in the pot with a mixture of the roots about an inch from the mixture.

·         Before you fill-up the pot, make sure you remove the excess water from the mixture. Squeeze it until the coconut husk mixture feels damp, not wet. Then, fill up the pot with orchids in it gently. Do not forget to water the husk mixture to make it settle into the container.


That’s how you plant orchids on a coconut husk planting medium. We hope this article can answer this question. Can orchids grow in coconut husk?

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