coco coir rope

Coco coir rope is a product made created using coconut fiber. Since the main material of this product is taken from the coconut husk, it is organic and environmentally friendly. It makes an alternative option for other synthetic materials widely used today that contributes to the environmental damage. 

Coir rope becomes more popular lately since people are more aware in saving the environment. That is why the use of this product can be seen more in our daily life, starting from home decoration to agriculture. Using coir rope is a good option if you want to make the living environment cleaner. 

The Uses of Coco Coir Rope

Coir rope is semi-finished product which means that it can be processed again to create a new product. The main use of coir rope is to wrap plants to keep them warm. However, there are several uses of coir rope that will help you to maintain environment as well as biodegradability. 


Coco coir rope is now widely used by hops growers. Previously, metal wire is used to string the plants and support its growth. However, metal wire comes with a risk of contamination so that some buyers refuse to buy plants from growers that use this material in the growing process. 

Meanwhile, coir rope offers the similar benefits of synthetic or metal wire but it is made from all-natural product. Along with using coir rope to supports their crops, some growers also use it to make beddings. Instead of using stone or other materials, coir rope can help maintaining soil moisture. 

It helps seep through the water from the planting area to prevents the roots from rotting. It commonly happens when plants receive too much amount of water. Most importantly, coir rope doesn’t containing any chemical that can affect its surrounding soil.

Aquatic farming

Coco coir rope is also useful for aquatic farming. Currently, a lot of oyster growers or other farmers that grow sea squirts and other oceanic animals use this natural coir. Its effects to the nature, specifically water become the main consideration why aquatic farmers swapping their options to coir rope.

Since coir rope comes from natural material, it can be used safely in the water. It doesn’t contaminate water like strings or other synthetic materials do. Additionally, coir rope can withstand in the salt water without ruining its natural fibers or losing its durability. 


Another use of coco coir rope is as a fence to keep the pests and insects away from certain part of area. There might be particular area in your garden or any outdoor place that you prefer to be free from any insects and pests. If so, you can take benefit if this natural rope from coco coir. 

Using coir rope for fencing won’t spend you as much as money like when you install electric fence. It is because its main material can be found everywhere. Last but not least, coir rope won’t harm the surrounding environment and provides less risk. Looking on the various uses of coco coir rope, it might be the perfect time for you to move to this product. It definitely keeps your savings and environment.

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